The Best Cheap Watercolours For Beginners

Who doesn’t want to have some cheap and high-quality watercolours? Especially if you are starting to paint, and it’s your new hobby (which you don’t want to be pricey). Or if you are a student who can afford nothing fancy. Or you are looking for a gift for your friend who wants to start painting. The situation is clear: you need to find something good and cheap at the same time. I have been in your place, so I would like to make your life easier, giving you a list of high-quality art supplies in a low price range. With these materials, you will be able to create beautiful illustrations and practice your painting skills without fear.

Looking for a watercolourist starter kit

There is no need to buy the most expensive watercolours to be a watercolourist. But yes, it is essential to choose high-quality art materials, as the lowest quality art supplies may give you not the best impression and destroy your expectations from watercolours. Moreover, the cheapest watercolours may upset you, and eventually, you will say – “Well, I’ve tried. Watercolours are just not for me“, hiding a small box of poor quality paints in a drawer. A long time ago, the same happened to me, so I am here to help you avoid this beginner’s mistake. Let’s start! 

Watercolours in tubes or pans? 

Without a doubt, there is no difference between watercolours in tubes and pans. It is a question of taste. What is more comfortable for you? To have a small kit of watercolours in a tin or plastic box (the lid is usually used as a mixing palette, by the way) or a few cute tubes of watercolours? 

As I noticed, kits of high-quality watercolours in pans are usually cheaper than in tubes. If you have the opposite opinion, leave a comment. 

Top 3 cheap watercolour sets for beginners for less than 20 EUR

Clearly, the manufacturer says it’s student grade watercolours. That means that these watercolours would not perform as professional artist-grade paints because they do not contain the same pigments, and some colours may fade out faster than the artist grade watercolours. But the difference is difficult to notice, especially if you are starting to paint. Professional artists use the watercolours from the list and are not ashamed of it. For instance, look at this beautiful floral pattern I made with Winsor and Newton sketching kit.

Watercolour Sets in Pans

WINSOR & NEWTON: Cotman Watercolour: Sketchers Pocket Box Set: 12 half pans
It’s a small, high-quality watercolour kit that fits in your pocket, so you can take it wherever you want. It has a variety of colours you may need to start to paint. In addition, you can use the lid as a mixing palette. The plastic box of watercolours contains 12 half-pans and a small travel brush. I like to use it for my monochromatic illustrations and pain-airs.
Price from 15 to 22 EUR
Buy your Winsor and Newton watercolour kit with a discount -10% on your first order

DALER ROWNEY: Aquafine Mini Travel Watercolour Paint Set. Half pan set of 10
I have not tried this one Daler Rowney watercolours precisely, but knowing the quality of Daler Rowney art supplies, I can recommend it. It is also a good option for those who are starting practising watercolours. It is cheap and has a good quality for beginners. The tin box contains 10 basic colours of watercolour half-pans and a mini-brush.
Price from 11 to 15 EUR
Get your Daler Rowney Aquafine Set with a discount -10%

Low-Cost Watercolour Set in Tubes

ROYAL TALENS : Art Creation Watercolour Paint Set Of 24
If you want to try watercolours in a tube for a low price, Royal Talens watercolour kit is your match. The kit of watercolours in tubes has 24 colours you can use as you wish. Also, do not forget to buy a mixing palette aside, as you will need to mix watercolours somewhere.
The price is around 17 EUR
Buy your watercolours in tubes with a discount -10%

To sum up, I hope, my article helped you a little, and you can buy your first watercolour kit now. If you have any questions, leave a comment, and I will answer you. Next time we will talk about watercolour paper and brushes.


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