Stand With Ukraine

My hands are shaking. Every morning starts with sending messages to my family and friends asking if they are alive. I am checking the news from my homeland every 20 seconds and cannot stop doing it. I am Ukrainian, and I am an artist. So I can not stand apart.

I do not want to paint scary pictures that my compatriots see every day. The darkest days require the brightest art, the support, hope for the peaceful days, sunshine, blue sky and flowers in bloom.

I am trying to occupy my brain with something to stop thinking about the war and people in huge trouble. So I decided to make this illustration to raise money for my people. I am sending 100% of the benefits from selling this poster to Ukrainian volunteers, NGOs and local funds coping with the burning houses, thousands of people in need and other troubles.

If you are also willing to help my country and the people who are suffering because of this stupid war, click on the next picture. Then, select a size and fill your address for the shipping.

All my art pieces are willing to help too

Moreover, if you are interested on knowing more about what NGOs and local groups I’m going to send the funds, don’t hesitate to contact me. Finally, I’d like to let you know that in March the 50% of the benefits from selling my art pieces from my shop are going to be donated as well to the same NGOs and groups supporting Ukraine.