Let’s Celebrate! Download Your Colouring Page For Free Immediately

Hey, everybody! 

First of all, I’m glad to welcome you here, on my art web page. To be honest, it took me a long time to come up with something like this. Thanks to my dear husband, who was pushing me sometimes and helping me a lot with the most boring part of creating the website, you can read this article. Hallelujah!

Get Your Free Colouring Page

Secondly, I came up with some good news for you! I’ve decided to celebrate the launching of my painting web page with a free tracing/colouring page. Indeed, you can use it the way you want. For example:

  1. Print this page, stick it to the back of your watercolour paper with a washi tape, put it on the window on a bright day, trace it with a pencil and colour it with your watercolours.
  2. Print the page, colour it with any materials you love. Like gouache, markers, acrylics, crayons, etc.
  3. Print the page and give it to your kid to colour, while you’re creating your painting. 

Download. Print. Watercolour. Share

Then, share your creations made with this free colouring page on Instagram with the hashtag #freebie_espinacco, or tag me @espinacco. I’ll be glad to see what you’ve made! And, of course, you’re free to change the original sketch as you want. I encourage you to add some leaves, branches, flowers, lettering as well as change the initial position and angle of the berries sketch.

Additionally, I want to remind you that I appreciate every comment and every share you do. So if you like this colouring page, share it with your art friends. 

Truly, I’m planning to make this kind of free colouring page every month if the feedback is good. So let me know if you like it and I will make more fun stuff for you. 

Almost forgot to tell you, if you’d like to obtain and colour more botanical motifs right now, you can purchase my tracing e-book. It contains:

  • 12 botanical designs in A4
  • designs in A5
  • colour suggestions
  • instructions on how to use the book.

The e-book is an instant download file, that, indeed, stays with you forever. Also, you can print it as many times as you wish (for personal use only). To check out the book, click on the link. By the way, for more nice stuff I have for you check out For Artists category in my shop. You’ll find something really cool there. 

Finally, download the freebie, print it, have some fun and share the link!

Go to ADD TO CART. Then VIEW CART and PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Fill out the address fields and PLACE ORDER to download the file.

Keep in touch, artist!