How To Draw

Do you often draw?
Some people find drawing an exciting activity, even a second language to express their feelings. Yet others find it relaxing, calming, comforting, merely a way to escape for a while from the world. Some do it for a living, while others do it as a hobby. No matter why you do it, even no matter if you just wish to do it: if you love drawing, the How To Draw page is for you!

Why You Should Start Drawing

I love drawing. Firstly, it keeps thoughts clear, and it wakes up curiosity and imagination. Secondly, it helps to fix a moment creatively, fight boredom and much more. Also, the good thing about drawing is that you do not need too many art materials. For example, with a simple HB pencil, rubber and a piece of paper, you can make beautiful things. If you add to this starter kit a small box of watercolours and one round medium brush, the only limit to your creations is just your imagination. Finally, you can illustrate everything that surrounds you in a sketchbook. In the same way, you can catch the beauty of nature, plants, animals or cities. And the best thing is that you can create and make alive your own universes.

How To Draw Whatever You Want

Are you one of those aiming to start drawing, but you find it overwhelming? Just start, and you will see that it is not that scary.
Don’t worry! I will guide you to the world of drawing and painting. I am sure that everybody can draw. It is natural. We start drawing before we learn to write. You need just 10-30 minutes per day to learn to draw and practice.

Perhaps, you already know about techniques, but you are always looking for inspiration (and never really find it).
Don’t worry! I’ll be the spark of your inspiration.

This page gathers all the content related to how to draw. Use it to stay tuned and never miss one of my blog posts, social media publications or downloadable content. And please, if you know about people that are willing to start drawing or simply loves it, don’t forget to share this with them!

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